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Lifestyle service

I've found myself in need of help with just an extra set of hands, the use of a pickup that I don't own, moving furniture, or hanging a picture or mirror, etc. In several of the churches I've been part of, I've volunteered to help when I could which has been satisfying and the person needing help has been blessed.

The Servants-R-Us website is designed to coordinate needs with those that volunteer to help serve.

A couple of our team members will perform the work, all we ask is that the requester cover the cost of materials and/or gas if a vehicle is needed.

Our team members are ready and willing to serve, we simply need to know, who, when, where and what. So to make this simple, we have put together a form for you to sign up with to request help or to volunteer.

The Three Parts That Make This Work

Quick and easy registration, signup, and lookups


We need volunteers from every walk of life with skills and a desire to serve others. We currently have 4 areas to serve in, Handyman for light work around the house, Automotive for light work and maintenance on vehicles, Hauling for picking up or hauling off items, and Yard work for things like trimming bushes, mowing a lawn, or taking out shrubs.
Volunteers pick can choose any or all of the categories to serve in and then select their primary and secondary choices.
You'll also select which days of the week you are available so it matches the day of the week the Requester has scheduled the task.

People needing Help

We could all use a helping hand once in a while. The sin of Pride can get in the way of reaching out and asking for the help we really need. Servants-R-Us is a place you can feel confortable and confident that there will be someone there to help.

  • * Vehicle Maintenance
  • Minor vehicle repairs
  • Replacing lights
  • Maintenance-oil change, air filter, etc.
  • * Around the House
  • Hanging pictures/mirrors
  • Moving furniture within the house
  • Light painting
  • Help with cleaning
  • * Use of pickup truck
  • Picking up large items
  • Hauling off stuff
  • * Yard work
  • Trimming bushes/hedges
  • Mowing a lawn
  • Clearing shrubs

The S-R-U website

The Servants-R-Us website is the coordinator, receiving the information on a request for help, contacting a group of volunteers to see who is available, scheduling the task, and then putting the two parties together, and finally a report on the task and that it has been finished.
We will attempt to schedule at least 2 people for the task, more if needed for everyone's safety.
It will also be a site for major projects that arise from disasters such as hurricans, storms, work days, and community projects.